Никита Лутер и Джузеппе Панталео одержали победу в командном турнире WSOP

Никита Лутер и Джузеппе Панталео одержали победу в командном турнире WSOP

Completed team Event # 55: $ 1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em, its winners were Indian Nikita Luther and German Giuseppe Pantaleo. In addition to the gold bracelets, they received $ 176,000 for two. A total of 1,031 teams took part in the tournament. These bracelets became their first in their careers. For Nikita Luther this win was the biggest in her career, and for Giuseppe Pantaleo – the third.

Unlike other couples, consisting mainly of friends or relatives, Giuseppe and Nikita were not in any relationship. A year ago they played together in one tournament and Giuseppe liked the game of Nikita. And the other day he invited her to join forces to win this event. Now, they know each other much better.

Final Table Results:

1st: Giuseppe Pantaleo – Nikita Luther – $175,805
2nd: Kazuki Ikeuchi – Hiroki Iwata – Sho Mori – $108,608
3rd: Manig Loeser – Peter Weinand – Joelle Parenteau – $76,797
4th: Alex Rocha – Megan Milburn – Joanne Milburn – $55,016
5th: Gabriel Neto – Carlos Caputo – $39,936
6th: Adam Lamphere – Ao Chen – Yijie Zhang – $29,380
7th: Salah Levy – Frank Mariani – Cord Garcia – $21,910
8th: Bon Koo – Bienvenido Caballero – $16,565
9th: Loni Harwood – Kelly Minkin – Haixa Zhang – $12,700

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