(5.09.2019) UPoker: New clubs and client for PC.


UPoker is a new generation of online poker applications. The principle of this platform is closest to PPPoker, but there are more loyal conditions for club owners and more advanced features in the game client. These advantages allow for rapid growth of traffic in UPoker.

At the moment, there are far fewer regular players in this application than in more popular mobile applications. The number of games in our clubs is constantly growing. This is due to the migration of players from other poker rooms.



UPoker traffic. 

We currently provide access to two major alliances. One of the alliances is mainly consist of Asian players, while the other is consist of players from Latin American players such as Brazil.

Already now the alliances offer a wide range of games with betting limits from NL2$ to NL1500$ in Hold’em, Omaha, OFC. In addition, tables are available on Short deck Holdem, as well as Sit-end-go and MTT tournaments.

UPoker for Windows. 

UPoker has released a client for Windows. Now players of this poker room will be able to combine classic poker room without emulator.


In the poker room is quite comfortable multitabling. You can play from your account up to four tables simultaneously. The tables can be tiled so that they are all displayed on your screen at once.


For our UPoker players, we pay rakeback depending on the club as well as the number of games. Terms and conditions can be checked with our manager at Skyper or by email.


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