(5.12.2016) Bankroll challenge Doug «WCGRider» Polk’s up from $100 to $10,000


Popular poker pro Douglas Polk, known as «WCGRider» continues its marathon, in which he intends to reach $ 10,000, starting from $ 100 in cashier. This marathon began Aug. 7, 2016.

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For several months, “Bankroll Challenge” Douglas took place with varying success. At some point, his bankroll dipped below $ 50, bringing the “fiasco” of this marathon. However, judging by the results of the last week, «WCGRider» shows a good plus. According to data published on Twitter, his bankroll at this moment is – 632 dollars. In total, within the framework of «WCGRider» played a marathon 24 days.


In general, thanks to players like Douglas Polk, poker still continues to live. After all, when some professional player shows how much to increase your bankroll in a few months. That is a tremendous motivation for beginners, which accordingly contributes to the popularization of poker and ecology.


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