(7.05.2017) Primed is a new project by Fedor Holz.


Famous high roller Fedor Holz, who won more than $ 20 million during his professional career, announced the launch of his new project. In the autumn of 2016 he together with his friends, founded a company called Prime. In fact, even before the end it is not known what the new project is connected with, but Holz shared a small video in his tweeter, as well as a link to the company website.


Quite a lot of people want to learn how to start developing themselves, and this is very good and right, since the development of the personality is the main part of becoming on the road to success. Often, most poker players can not achieve some success in the game, precisely because of their psychological problems. Constant stress, irritation due to failures, excitement, wrong lifestyle (nutrition, sport, bad habits), bad time management and many other reasons cause imbalance, which subsequently does not yield the necessary results.

As far as we can judge, the main concepts of Fedor Holz new project are related precisely to increasing their confidence, constantly improving, finding their weak spots and fighting them, in one word, to develop their personality. Primed Mind is a mobile application that should appear in the App Store and Google Play in May 2017.

Primary mission of the Primed Mind:

    Build your confidence. Be a better athlete. Crush your competition. Whatever your goal is, Primed Mind has endless topics to dive into, and new Primers are added rapidly.
    Immerse yourself in deep mindset coaching. You’ll experience the same visualization and goal-setting techniques used to train some of the world’s most notable phenoms.
    Be better. Be stronger. Be primed for anything. You’ll tap into powerful new mindsets so you can unlock your true mental, physical and emotional strengths


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