Seven reasons to play at the Pokermaster.


Pokermaster is gaining momentum. Most of you probably already heard that the Chinese players love to play online poker using mobile applications. It is worth noting that China is a relatively new market in the poker world.

From this it follows, if somewhere to look for a weak field in 2017, then exclusively in Asian poker rooms. But let’s look at the facts.

So, seven reasons to play at Pokermaster:

Why you should play at Pokermaster?

1. Low rake.

5% of winnings per session is how we counted about 1.2% rake at a great distance. Only! It’s really small.

2. Instant payouts

– you won immediately after summarizing the results!

3. Low commission for withdrawal!

We take the  small fee to cover money transferring your winnings from China.

4. The largest existing set of clubs.

Through 16 clubs and specially created alns we see tables of more than 25 clubs and alliances. The usual set of 8-9 clubs!

5. Online statistics for our players!

Forget about the tablets sent by the excel, all the accumulated statistics and even the results of mutual settlements will be in your office.

6. Fishy players.

The field to the limit of 25-50 (~ 3-7 $) is just the softest, winning up to 85% of the players. The above is more complicated, but at all limits we are in positive territory!

7. Full guarantee of money by us.

Won? Get it!

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.


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