(05.07.2019) What do you need to know about UPoker?



UPoker is one of the largest Asian applications with a large selection of games for players of low and medium stakes. The game is very much like the classic poker rooms: right in the application you can open several tables, and here on most tables there are no straddle games.

This application can be downloaded from the Play market or Appstore, and if you want to start playing on your computer, then you will need to install a special emulator program. UPoker has already received a GLI certificate, which guarantees honest RNG.

At the moment, this application offers a large selection of games and a variety of poker formats. Without taking into account the standard Texas Hold’em and PLO you can be played here in Chinese poker (variations of the Joker and Ultimate), 5 Card Omaha, Short deck and MTT .

UPoker Clubs

The best game now taking place in Asia Union clubs. Throughout the day, there is a game on the limits of NL50-NL200, sometimes open tables NL300-NL500. Classic Omaha is played on the PLO200 limit, and the 5 Card Omaha is played on the PL100 – PL200. Here you can also find a more expensive game at the heads-up tables PLO600-PLO1500 and in the five-card Omaha at the limits PL300-PL1500 at 6-max tables.

It is worth adding that in this application there is no mandatory insurance and no need to configure a VPN. Up to four tables can be played in one application (from one account). A very handy feature for players who like to play a few tables.

Rake and rakeback.

At all limits rake is 5% with a cap (2-3 bb). You can return part of the commission from rakeback. Depending on the club, rakeback may differ, the standard conditions for our players is from 35%.

For all questions and create accounts please contact us via Skype or by email.


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