(23.09.2019) Alejandro Roman Wins WPTDeepStacks Marrakech.


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WPT Marrakech Main Event a deep stacked event is over. Silma Macalou was one step away from winning the WPT title for the second time in a row within two weeks. The winner of the tournament was Alejandro Roman, who won the €103,184 and title. A total of 545 players took part in the tournament, which is a record field in Marrakech.

Алехандро Роман

The fourteen-hour final day included almost five hours of 3-max play between Roman, Macalou and Pedro Ingles, who reached the final table with the biggest stack. During these 5 hours the players doubled 8 times. In the heads-up, Macalou had an advantage in terms of chips, but with the growth of blinds, they were not escaped.

Final Table Results

Place Name Country Payout in MAD Payout in €)
1 Alejandro Roman Spain MAD 1,100,000 €103,184
2 Silma Macalou France MAD 774,000 €72,604
3 Pedro Ingles Spain MAD 560,000 €52,530
4 Daniel El Keslassy Morocco MAD 420,000 €39,398
5 Francois Tosques France MAD 320,000 €30,017
6 Bruno Fitoussi France MAD 245,000 €22,982
7 Yohan Gonzales France MAD 190,000 €17,823
8 Pierre Antoine Quignard France MAD 151,000 €14,164
9 Jerome Zerbib France MAD 123,000 €11,538

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