(13.08.2018) Anatoly Filatov is the winner of Partypoker LIVE Millions Russia.


Anatoly Filatov

Anatoly Filatov

The winner of Partypoker LIVE Millions became known. It was partypoker ambassador Anatoly Filatov who lifted the trophy only a few days after his birthday. For his victory, Anatoly received an impressive cash prize of $ 886,200. This is the greatest gain in his career. Prior to this victory, Anatoly won more than 2.1 million in prize money in live tournaments. He did not just get to the final table, at the end of the fourth day Anatoly had the smallest stack. He had only 9bb and doubled with QJ against pocket AA Konstantin Uspenskii.

“Very tired, very exhausted, I don’t realize yet that I won this tournament, especially in my home country,” an overwhelmed Filatov said. “On the eighth of August it was my birthday, 30 years old, such a good beginning for this year. I am very glad.”

Final Result  

Place Winner Country Prize (in RUB) Prize (~ in USD)
1 Anatoly Filatov Russia 60,000,000 886,200
2 Gor Kazaryan Russia 39,000,000 576,030
3 Andrey Malyshev Russia 26,730,000 394,802
4 Viktor Khodorenko Belarus 18,000,000 265,860
5 Alexey Melnikov Russia 12,000,000 177,240
6 Gleb Tremzin Russia 8,400,000 124,068
7 Mikhail Galitskiy Russia 6,000,000 88,620
8 Konstantin Uspenskii Russia 4,200,000 62,034


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