Anatoly Filatov Takes Down GGPoker Super MILLION$


Анатолий Филатов
Russian superstar Anatoly Filatov bagged himself a $325,957 prize after finishing first from 149 entrants in the latest edition of the GGPoker Super MILLION$. Filatov was the chip leader at the start of the final table and built on his strong start to become the latest Super MILLION$ champion.

Elio Fox performed heroics at last week’s final table, coming from one of the shortest stacks to chop the event. Fox could not repeat the previous week’s form this time round, and was the first finalist out of the door.

Seventh place and $73,948 went to Joakim Andersson who had been nursing the shortest stack from the moment the final table’s action began. Andersson busted in a coinflip with Isaac Haxton.

Haxton could not put Andersson’s chips to good use and was the next player out of the door, although his exit hand was cruel. Haxton raised to 132,000 with seven-six of spades from the button, and Volkmann called in the big blind with nine-seven. The flop fell five-six-king, and both players checked. The turn was a four, Volkmann led for 253,740, and Haxton called. An eight on the river improved both players to a straight, but Volkmann’s straight was superior. Volkmann shoved all-in, and Haxton called off his 814,448 chips only to discover his hand was an expensive second best one.

Everyone else was now guaranteed a six-figure prize, $121,247 to be exact. Peters collected this sum shortly after Haxton’s untimely demise. The active Volkmann min-raised to 70,000 before calling when Peters three-bet shipped it in for 1,559,067. It was ace-jack for Peters and the dominating ace-king for Volkmann. Both players flopped an ace, but Peters could not find any of the three remaining jacks, and he exited in fifth place.

Three-handed play lasted 40 minutes and ended with the elimination of Sergei Denisov. Volkmann found jacks on the button and raised twice the big blind to 200,000. Denisov fired in his 15 big blind stack with king-seven of clubs and busted despite turning a club flush draw.

Filatov held a 9,006,663 to 5,893,337 chip lead over Volkmann going into heads-up. It did not take long for Filatov to press home that advantage, only five hands to be exact.

The final hand saw Filatov raise to 200,000 with pocket nines, Volkmann make it 745,225 with ace-king, and Filatov jam all-in. Volkmann call off the 40 big blinds he had behind, and it was off to the races for the title of Super MILLION$ champion. Volkmann flopped an ace to take the lead but the board four-flushed with spades to gift Filatov the victory thanks to him holding the nine of spades!

Place Player Country Prize
1 Anatoly Filatov Russia $325,957
2 Bruno Volkmann Brazil $254,559
3 Sergei Denisov Russia $198,800
4 UncleToni Macedonia $155,254
5 David Peters Canada $121,247
6 Isaac Haxton Canada $94,689
7 Joakim Andersson Turkey $73,948
8 Juan Pardo Andorra $57,750
9 Elio Fox Mexico $45,100

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