Let’s talk of OFC here.

For quite a long period of time (about 1,5 years ago) Chinese Poker was in a complete state of downfall. One was able to play at Pokerdom, Tonybet and Fullpot, which paid back then (well, to some players). Famous regulars were competing with each other to death and only the strongest survived.

Miracle has happened (we made this miracle)! The era of the money from the East has come! First OFC entered the Chines market at Pokermonster, where they had stakes of 30 dollars per point in classic and progressive. The play lasted for about a year and the level of play was close to the one at Fullpot.

Then we can say that Chinese Poker got his second life. It was added to PPPoker, and streams of easy money from Asia got there. Only the players I know personally won 6-digit amounts and it does not end here, though we supply the biggest stream of play to Europe.

OFC at PPPoker

OFC at PPPoker

Why do I write all this? Because in its latest update Pokermaster added Chinese poker! We are planning on turning on a new club soon.

OFC at Pokermaster

OFC at Pokermaster

We expect a new poker boom!

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