(5.08.2018) Anton Vinokurov Wins Unibet Open Main Event.


Anton Vinokurov

Anton Vinokurov

Anton Vinokurov won first place in the Main Event on the passing Unibet Open series. In the tournament with buyin 1100 euro 592 players took part. This victory brought Anton Vinokurov $ 119,148. From the very beginning of the final day Anton Vinokurov was a chip leader, and when the game had 12 players, the future champion had 30% of all tournament chips.

When Vinokurov was asked about how he felt about the day, he answered: “I was playing good. Some of the other players were playing good, and some were not playing good. I believed when I started play today as the chip leader that I must make it to the final table and finish in the top three. Then when there were five players left, I knew I would win. I felt no other players could beat me.”

 Main Event results

Position Player Country Prize in € Prize in $
1 Anton Vinokurov Russia €103,060 $119,148
2 Cosmin Cimpeanu Romania €64,050 $74,060
3 Carmen Zainescu Romania €44,170 $51,073
4 Florin Elisei Romania €32,720 $37,833
5 Adrian Ionescu Romania €25,170 $29,103
6 Voytech Susta Czech Republic €19,360 $22,385
7 Vitalijs Zavorotnijs Latvia €15,490 $17,910
8 Amir Shomron Israel €12,390 $14326
9 Daniel Chutrov Bulgaria €9,910 $11,458

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