Patrick Antonius wins $25K High Roller Triton Poker Series


Антониус хиро кол
Longtime poker pro Patrik Antonius made an incredible call at the final table of a $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em high roller in at Triton Poker Cyprus holding just bottom pair, a call that left his opponent and viewers alike completely stunned.

The hero call for his tournament life gave Antonius a double-up through chip leader Fahredin Mustafov and the Finnish pro went on to win the event for his first Triton title and $825,000.

The hand, which can be viewed on the TritonPoker Twitch stream, took place during three-handed play with blinds of 200,000/400,000/400,000 and began with a raise to 800,000 from Mustafov on the button holding 10-8. Antonius defended his big blind holding J-2.

The flop landed 7-2-6 and Antonius checked after making bottom pair. The Bulgarian continued with a bet of 700,000 with his gutshot and Antonius called to see the Q turn.

Antonius, who picked up a flush draw, checked again and Mustafov barrelled for 1.4 million. Atonius went in the tank for two and a half minutes and called.

The river brought the A to whiff both players and Antonius again checked. Mustafov took a moment before putting Antonius all in for his remaining 3.5 million. Despite being left with nothing but bottom pair, Antonius did not immediately fold.

Antonius used all but one of his time banks as he entered a deep tank. After six minutes, he made the call with just a pair of ducks, which brought a “good call” from Mustafov as he tabled his bluff and conceded the pot.

Triton Poker Cyprus $25,000 Eight-Handed Final Table Results

1 Patrik Antonius Finland $825,000
2 Fahredin Mustafov Bulgaria $557,000
3 Steve O’Dwyer Ireland $362,000
4 Danny Tang Hong Kong $300,000
5 Ebony Kenney United States $240,000
6 Viacheslav Buldygin Russia $190,500



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