Enjoy AoF Bingo while playing All-In or Fold at PokerOK!

AoF Bingo

AoF Bingo

Popular online poker room PokerOK regularly holds promotions for real money players. One such campaign is AOF bingo. You have the opportunity to win up to $80,000. Let’s take a look at how to take part in the AOF BINGO promotion.

How do I participate in the AOF BINGO promotion?

In order to participate, you need to play at All-In or Fold Hold’em or All-In or Fold Omaha tables. Win the hand with the cards closed and mark these cards in the bingo card. Collect 2 or more lines in 30 hands and get an instant prize.

AoF Bingo

AoF Bingo

You have the opportunity to get a prize up to $80,000. AoF Bingo has no restrictions, you can start playing right now! Mark your bingo cards by winning on showdown with your hole cards. You can refresh your bingo board with the press of a button.  You can refresh your board when you have less than 20 hands left. Refreshing your board will also restart your limit.


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