Asia-Poker gives an opportunity for affiliates to enter the market of chinese poker rooms


chinese poker rooms

chinese poker rooms

If you are interested in additional affiliate earnings, then we are ready to announce that the Asia-Poker team gives everyone the opportunity to enter the Chinese rooms market.

Who will it be interesting for?

First of all, our proposal will be interesting for affiliates and agents who want to increase their income thanks to the new promising areas. We give the opportunity to work with such rooms as: PokerMaster, PokerKingdom, PokerKing, J88Poker, Thirteen Poker, Pokerstars1 China, PokerSpades, Super Poker, PPPOKER, Kingsclubpoker, AAPoker, Shen Poker and others.

What is the peculiarity of Chinese rooms?

The vast majority of Chinese rooms are mobile apps. However, they are easily run on a computer using emulators. The game is being held with Asian amateurs at medium and high stakes. But in order to play in the Chinese room you must have an invitation to the club.

The main advantages of Chinese rooms:

  •  Large selection of limits.
  • Weak field.
  • A lot of Chinese poker and Hold’em 6+ games.
  • Accessibility and attractiveness for players of any level.

What conditions does Asia-Poker provide?

All conditions are individual and we will discuss them with you in person.

Contact details:
E-MAIL: [email protected]
SKYPE: Gellemar777


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