(11.03.2019) Asian application PokerCommunity: Holdem, PLO, Heads Up.


PokerCommunity (Pokerstars1)

PokerCommunity (Pokerstars1)

We present to your attention the Asian application PokerCommunity. This poker room is ideal for players of low and medium limits. Here is a fairly large selection of games at limits up to NL600 $. The most popular tables are on bets ¥ 1-2 (4), ¥ 2-4 (8) and ¥ 5-10 (20).

Lobby PokerCommunity

Lobby PokerCommunity

PokerCommunity now has a very soft game. There are very few regular players in this poker application. The main pool is consist of players from asian countries.

Main advantages of PokerCommunity:

  1. Loose players from Asia;
  2. English client;
  3. Heads Up NLH;
  4. PLO tables.

If you want to start playing in this application, please contact our manager in Skype or by email.

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