Bin Sun Wins PokerStars Live Asia Red Dragon.



Early in the morning Asia Red Dragon Jeju came to an exciting conclusion. Bin Sun won first place in the Super Highroller Tournament and won $189,454. A total of 91 entries were made in the event and the prize pool was $713,575. In 6-max the game was very tense, none of the participants did not want to give up and the middle stack fell to 20BB. In the heads-up, Bin Sun outplayed  Yake Wu, who won $131,655 for his efforts. A few days ago Sun was close to winning the Highrollers Tournament. But then Bin Sun, having the biggest stack lost 2 hands in a row and left the tournament, taking the 5th place.

In the seven-day series with 13 events, 1735 players competed for a prize pool of $ 4.26 million. More than a third (38%) of the prize money of the series was drawn in the Main Event, during which 869 players from 20 different countries competed for a significant prize pool of $ 1.26 million, of which 108 went to the prize zone. The second Red Dragon Festival in South Korea set many records. Next year, the popular series of the Asia-Pacific region will be held in the Philippines in January 2020.

Super High Roller Results

Place Winner Country Prize (in KRW) Prize (~ in USD)
1 Bin Sun China ₩220,295,000 $189,454
2 Yake Wu China ₩153,087,000 $131,655
3 Zhiqiang Qian China ₩101,228,000 $87,056
4 Fei Xiong China ₩79,240,000 $68,146
5 Sun Guodong China ₩63,890,000 $54,945
6 Nan Hong China ₩49,784,000 $42,814
7 Szymon Wysocki Poland ₩39,413,000 $33,895
8 Jamie Lee United States ₩30,700,000 $26,402
9 Lei Yu China ₩23,233,000 $19,980

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