(03.08.2019) Borgata Seeking Phil Ivey’s WSOP Winnings


Фил Айви

Phil Ivey’s appearance at the World Series of Poker in 2019 did not go unnoticed by poker fans around the world, who watched him play with interest when he reached the final table in the $50,000 Poker Championship.

Unfortunately, for Ivey, it has also not gone unnoticed by some other stakeholders – the parties trying to take away his winnings. According to Flush Draw’s report, Borgata and his lawyers were closely watching the legends perform, ready to attack and take away everything Ivey could win at the 50th WSOP. According to Flush Draw, on June 27, Borgata’s attorney Jeremy Clausner sent a notice to WSOP management that Borgata had received a writ of execution dated June 18. The lawsuit was approved and granted Borgata the right to the principal amount of $10,130,000 and an additional $214,518 in interest.



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