China is alive all living. Not justified terrible stories about the first of June.


Who just did not ask our team about June 1 and what does it all mean. I did not want to write here before the deadline, but who knows how real the Chinese applications really are, they understand that they have not been in China for a long time, and therefore, it was not worth waiting for any directly serious changes.

Online poker in China

Online poker in China

Whats next?

It goes without saying that nothing good is happening, many offline series have been closed, Pokermonster (Lianzhong) seems to have died forever. Closed clubs, but in general everything continues and by the way it is unknown whether the reason for the fall of the market in seasonality (as in any way summer) or just so it turns out and the standard model is dying because of the exhaustion of pockets of fish.

In short, we’ll see. Appeared and there are new applications that you can see on our site, the game is there, but Pokermaster still remains a locomotive.

Meanwhile, we celebrate 2 years of work with China! During this period, players were paid an amount that is surely higher than the amount of winnings even at pokerstars. Calculating the number of partners, the number of sessions played increases! No payment was missed!

Everything goes on! New victories to you!

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

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