(23.04.2018) Chinese application Pokerlords Llaunches Jackpot tables.


We are pleased to announce that the chinese  application Pokerlords has launched jackpot tables. In our opinion, this is not a bad opportunity to get extra money simply by playing your favorite cash games. And also, innovation can contribute to attracting new recreational players.

Jackpot tables.

Jackpot tables.

How it works?

In the main lobby, the jackpot tables are marked with a JP. Now, almost all tables are this action, so it will not be difficult to find them.
According to the terms of the action, the Jackpot prize pool is formed from banks of more than 10 bb of which 1 small blind is charged. Each table has a counter that displays the current Jackpot.

In order to win you need to collect such combinations as:

1) Four of a Kind.
2) Straight flush.
3) Royal Flush.

To qualify for the jackpot you need to use 2 pocket cards. Your prize will depend on the stakes for which you play.

Hand 5/10 CNY 10/20 CNY-20/40 CNY 20/50 CNY+
Royal Flush 10% 15% 25%
Straight Flush 3% 5% 12%
Four of a kind 1% 2% 4%

For example:

You play at 25/50 CNY and collect the maximum possible combo Royal Flush. The prize pool of the jackpot is 42375 CNY. Thus, your prize will be 25% of this amount, namely 42375 CNY * 0.25 = 10593 CNY or 1680 USD.

Important! To get your jackpot, you need, within 24 hours after winning, to send us 2 screenshots on which we can see the combination that you have collected and the table with the results and your jackpot.

If you are not already registered on Pokerlords, then you can see the full review of this poker room at the link below.

Pokerlords is a mobile app with access to closed clubs with good action at the tables.


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