(06.09.2018) Christophe De Meulder took 1st place at the Unibet Poker Belgian Championship


Christophe De Meulder

Christophe De Meulder

Belgian player Christophe De Meulder won the main event of  Unibet Poker Belgian Championship 2018. In this tournamnet took part 438 players . The prize for the first place was $ 48,099. During his career, Meulder won $ 400,000 in live tournaments and nearly $ 1.5 million playing cash games online. At the final table, Meulder came  as a chip leader with six compatriots and two Frenchmen.

In the final heads-up, Meulder was confronted by Samir Akhoullou. At the beginning of heads-up, Akhoullou had a 3: 2 advantage over chips, but soon Christophe turned the game over and had a huge 16: 1 advantage.

  Final Table Results

Position Player Country Prize Prize in $USD
1 Christophe De Meulder Belgium €42,020 $48,099
2 Samir Akhoullou Belgium €26,270 $30,056
3 Dominique Potenza France €18,120 $20,732
4 Koen Lauwereys Belgium €13,420 $15,354
5 Jonas van Baelen Belgium €10,320 $11,807
6 Tom Hermans Belgium €7,940 $9,084
7 Peter Dupont France €6,350 $7,265
8 Schroons Werner Belgium €5,080 $5,812
9 Fabrice Halleux Belgium €4,070 $4,657

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