(23.08.2018) What is POKERSTARS1 CHINA?


Many players have the opportunity to appreciate the weak field of the Chinese application POKERSTARS1 CHINA. This poker platform is perfect for players of low and medium limits. If you have long wanted to try your hand against Asian players, then you definitely should try to play in this application. Let’s take a closer look at the main features of this poker room.




At peak hours, traffic counts around 40-50 active tables, which can be considered as not a bad indicator among Asian applications.

Who will be interested in?

This platform is perfect for cash game Full Ring  players. Game in no limit Hold’em can be found here from NL30 $ and up to NL1.5K $.


In this application is formed a pool of recreational players from Asian countries.  Almost every table you can meet on 2-3 not very strong players.


The application is designed specifically for mobile devices based on iOS and Android. However, we provide support in setting up the software for playing from a personal computer.

How to register?

We provide new accounts for the game in this app. In order to start playing you need to contact our manager via email or Skype.

How to install POKERSTARS1 CHINA?

POKERSTARS1 CHINA is application with recreational players from asian countries.

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