1.08.2016 Rakeback, or how to stop suffer losses?




Socialists believe that a profit – a sin. I believe that the real sin – suffer losses.

Winston Churchill

A lot of people every day suffer losses and they are even being understand it and poker players are no exception. Each one of us regrets looking back to some extent about the lost opportunities and we are thinking about 2-3 years or 5-10 years ago when we can to do everything differently, better, more profitable, more beautiful somehow. And unfortunately life is not perfect, just like people, and sometimes we all make mistakes, the only thing we can hope that we will not make mistakes in the future. But this article is not an about our mistakes, but this is article about how to avoid them!

So, as you already understood from the title, this article is about rakeback. What is it and how to use it? Those who already know everything about rakeback can stop reading this, and you will not interested this article, just follow that link https://asia-poker.com/online-poker/ choose our best offer presented on our website and get the most profitable rakeback!

Perhaps, many players will be interested to know that. Nowadays realities of online poker is simply not possible without the presence of rakeback, because often it is not just a nice bonus but rakeback ussualy was a great revenue. A bit of theory:

Rakeback – return of a certain part of the rake paid by the player during the game in the poker room. Rakeback is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of your generated rake. Suppose you have enough of the past month $ 3,000 rake and your rakeback percentage – 30%, it means that your rakeback will be – $ 900. Very, very nice! Is it not ? Even playing micro limits, which at first glance, the small pots and the rake taken is not much, it must be remembered that at a distance, this amount becomes impressive for the player. Why suffer losses if there is a legal opportunity to make a profit? It should also be understood that at the micro and low limits – rakeback can make a solid appendage to your win rate and a good increase in your profit, which will allow you to quickly build up your bankroll, move to the limits above, wherein the pressure of the rake will not be so significant.

What are the types of rakeback? Main is two types: fixed rakeback and cashback. For a fixed rakeback, the player gets a well-established percentage of the total rake, this percentage varies widely and can be as 30% and 60%. It all depends on the poker room, the amount of the generated rake and your environment that offers your affiliate.

The second type of rakeback – is cashback. There is no fixed percentage and at first glance, room you do not pay anything at all. But it is not, when you get cashback, however indirect rakeback, that is, bonuses, points, tournament tickets and everything else that can be exchanged for money. It actually is rakeback, but in a veiled form. But cashback is another distinguishing feature. For example, having a fixed rakeback, you always know precisely what Online Time $ 100 in rake, you are guaranteed to get their 30%, that is $ 30, with a cashback situation is somewhat different. You need to constantly play softly or maintain a certain status, in order to make relevant points that can be converted into money. In other words, the room with the cashback will always spur you to action game. On top of our site strongly recommends that you do not lose money, but only to make a profit! Therefore, for those who, after reading this article, decided to maximize your profits, you can choose one or more of our best deals and get a stunning rakeback! Simply click on this link https://asia-poker.com/en/online-poker/ If you have further questions about rakeback you will write to our agent, all contact information is on the our website.



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