I’ve been playing on writing short but good post about poker applications:

1. Pokermaster sometimes isn’t that good. Average player will have hard times winning in the selected club. Ask us about what clubs are good to play. If you go there blindfolded – you will probably see team play of some kind. The game at up to 20-40is great, you need to table select at higher stakes.

2. Pokerfishs – is a relatively new analogue of PokerMaster, which is created by ex-team of PokerMaster. The game is softer, 80% of winnings comes from Pokerfishs. I don’t think there is a softer Texas Holdem anywhere online.

3. If you are a known player and affiliates ask you for 100% advanced payment – this is not a good propositions. All the decent affiliate have an opportunity to take credit from the club of at least x2 (you pay 10 thousand ahead and get 20 thousand in chips). We have an opportunity to take credits for any amounts so if your rep is good, welcome, we won’t take a single dollar from you in advance and will make total count factual – as you finish the play.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Pokerfishs is a poker application for iOS or Android that will give you the opportunity to play an expensive cash game every day.


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