(12.11.2018) Danny van Zijp winner of the WPT DeepStacks Brussels.


Danny van Zijp

Danny van Zijp

WPT DeepStacks tournament with € 1,200 buy-in , which took place in Brussels was ended. On the final day there were 19 players who fought for € 110,000 and a € 2,000 WPT DS European Championship package. This tournamnet wins dutch player Danny van Zijp.

In heads-up  Danny van Zijp played against French player Jose Astima. In the decisive hand, José Astima showed up with a pocket 1010 and, being a chip leder, Danny Van Zip pinned up with JJ and eventually won the tournament. For the second place Jose received 75 000 €.

Final table results

Place Player Price in € Prize in $
1 Danny van Zijp Netherlands €110,000
2 Jose Astima France €75,000
3 Paul van Oort Netherlands €53,000
4 Peter Jaksland Denmark €40,000
5 Rico Roumen Netherlands €30,000
6 Cyril Mira France €23,000
7 Tal Sardal France €17,500
8 Cheng-Wei Yin Belgium €13,550
9 Jean-Philippe Schoonbrood Netherlands €10,700

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