David Kozma Wins WPT Prime Liechtenstein Title and $300,541


David Kozma became the champion of WPT Prime Liechtenstein, earning $300,541. Despite its small size, Liechtenstein attracted over 1,664 players to the tournament, which is remarkable. The final table was filled with Italian and Swiss players, but David Kozma from Hungary emerged as the winner.

David Kozma became the champion of WPT

David Kozma became the champion of WPT

WPT Prime Liechtenstein

In the late stages of the tournament, only 9 players remained, and David Kozma, holding the largest chip stack, confidently moved towards victory. The first to be eliminated at the final table was Guodong Yang, followed by Salih Atac. The final seven players became six when Thomas Hofmann lost a coinflip to Marc Sen on the 107th hand of the night. Following this, there was a series of eliminations from the tournament, including players like Faton Berisha, Carlos Henningsen, and Lukas Pichierri. The main event in Liechtenstein concluded with David Kozma’s victory after a lengthy head-to-head battle with Marc Sen.

WPT Prime Liechtenstein Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Prize (Swiss Francs) Prize (US Dollars)
1 David Kozma Hungary CHF 268,340 $300,541
2 Marc Sen Switzerland CHF 172,500 $193,200
3 Lukas Pazma Slovakia CHF 128,000 $143,360
4 Alessandro Pichierri Italy CHF 95,800 $107,296
5 Carlos Henningsen Canada CHF 72,300 $80,976
6 Faton Berisha Switzerland CHF 55,200 $61,824
7 Thomas Hofmann Switzerland CHF 42,500 $47,600
8 Salih Atac Italy CHF 33,000 $36,960
9 Guodong Yang Italy CHF 25,900 $29,008




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