David Peters became US Poker Open Main Event champion


David Peters

In the United States, the US Poker Open poker series has come to an end. In total, ten events were held during this tournament series and now the winners are known in all of them. The last such tournament was the Main Event, in which David Peters became a champion.

Justin Bonomo didn’t get lucky in the Main Event – he became a bubble-boy and left the game in sixth place. Justin went all-in with a short stack with Q-J, and Ryan Riess called with A-Q. Ryan Riess won this hand and Bonomo left the game with nothing.

After some time, Ryan himself was busted from the game. His pair of nines lost to Keith Tilston’s jacks. Martin Zamani became the next player to leave the table, and soon enough Keith Tilston followed him.

In heads-up, David Peters had a huge stack advantage over Chris Hunichen and he managed to bring this superiority to the victory. In the final hand of the tournament, Hunichen limped with A-8 and David decided to see the flop with his 9-9. Hunichen caught the eight on the flop and immediately shoved, Peters called in response. After a few moments, there was a final victory for David Peters.


US Poker Open Main Event Final Table Results:

  • David Peters (United States) –1 320 000$
  • Chris Hunichen (United States) – 858 000$
  • Keith Tilston (United States) –528 000$
  • Martin Zamani (United States) – 330 000$
  • Ryan Riess (United States) – 264 000$

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