(17.05.2018) Distinctive features Hand2Note.


At the moment there are many good programs for collecting statistics. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we suggest that you consider the Hand2Note (H2N) program, which you can absolutely legally use in most poker rooms.

This program has a multi-language interface, which is a pretty good advantage, if the user is not very good or does not speak English at all.



Hand2Note Features

H2N – an excellent option for players with not very powerful computers. A distinctive feature of the program is that it works with your statistics database, which is not located directly on your computer, but in the cloud data store. Due to this performance is much higher than analog programs.

Here are the main features of the program and the unique functions that Hand2Note performs:

– Dynamic HUD  displays statistics on players taking into they position,  size of bets, number of chips, number of players at the table etc. You have the choice of which HUD you prefer to use: static (classic), positional or dynamic.

– Special statistics, which calculates the game not with all the players in a row, but distinguishes the game against weak players and against regulars (reg vs reg or reg vs fish).

– The minimum requirements of your device should be no lower than 1 GB of RAM and Windows 7 or higher.

– Ability to display statistics against you (vsHero) – this is a pretty useful feature, because poker players play usually adjust to each opponent individually.

– The speed of the program is much faster, due to the innovative technologies of data processing and transmission. The Hand2Note database on average takes about 250 MB per million hands.

– Ability to view distributions with showdown, during which you did not participate (for example, during several tables).

– The function of displaying the range of preflop call and raise players.

– High speed of loading hands when importing from the database – 1500-3000 hands per second.

– Database import function with HM2 and PT4.

And this is not all the distinctive features of this program.

How to get H2N for free?

Hand2Note allows you to play from your program in the “Micro stakes version” mode. What does this mean? You can use H2N absolutely free of charge on limits up to NL25, FL1 / 2 and in tournaments with buy-in up to $ 9. This is an excellent offer for players who play at low stakes, which have just started to learn poker software.

Trial version of the program uses all possible functions for 30 days ( players have all options at all limits, except for the Range Research function, which is only available in the “Edge” subscription).

RangeResearch and Decision Analysis

Range Research is a tool for analyzing the range of opponents on which we do not have so many played hands. The work process is quite simple. Suppose that you have a situation in which you need to choose between a call and a 3-bet, you open this tool and fill in the required fields. The program analyzes players with similar indicators and displays averaged statistics. This allows you to make a more correct decision in terms of mathematics.

Decision Analysis is a tool to study the profitability of your actions in different situations, which includes three functions:

– Action Profit – displays what profit you had when collecting different combinations (in big blinds for 100 hands):

– Spot frequency indicates the frequency of occurrence of certain game situations.

– Next Viallin’s Actions. With it, you will learn how your opponent will react to your bet.

Conclusion and prospects of development H2N

From the first acquaintance with this program it becomes clear that it is done really well. After all, it was developed by professional players who play at high stakes limits, and not far from poker people. Therefore, everything from the interface to the program’s work looks great. At the moment, more and more players are making their choice in favor of this program. The H2N team follows the latest trends in the poker world and therefore releases more and more updates and provides the opportunity to play with poker applications such as Pokermaster.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.




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