Doyle Brunson to eBay Flippers: No More Autographs


Doyle Brunson
If you’re hoping Doyle Brunson will sign a copy of Super System for you, good luck with that after the poker legend discovered his autograph is up for sale on eBay.

The 10-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner was perturbed to find out that multiple “fans” were attempting to flip his autograph on the e-commerce platform. As such, he understandably threatened to stop signing for his fans.

I just went to e-bay and saw where most of the autographs i’ve signed are on sale..every letter says they are my biggest fan and want to hang the 2 pictures on their wall. I won’t be signing any more!!

A search of eBay shows there are over 70 items with Brunson’s hand-signed autograph up for sale, ranging from playing cards to photos. Asking prices are going anywhere from $37 to $400, depending on the item. Of course, those are just for-sale prices and not sold prices. Anyone can list an item on eBay for any amount they want, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll find a buyer.

Brunson often accepts mail from fans asking for autographs and he has always been generous in adhering to the request. But those days may be over as he’s bothered that some are attempting to make money off his signatur.



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