Dvoress Clinches His First GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title


Даниэль ДворессDaniel Dvoress can tick off the GGPoker Super MILLION$ from his list of must-win tournaments because he clinched its title, and the $394,852 top prize, on May 11, 2021. Dvoress gave himself a great chance to win this massive tournament by reaching the nine-handed final table second in chips. He seized the opportunity and ran out a most worthy champion.

Ami Barer went into the star-studded final table armed with enough chips for sixth place at the restart but he was the first player out of the door. The action folded to Barer on the button, and he raised to 150,500 with pocket tens at the 35,000/70,000/8,500a level. Guillaume Nolet woke up in the small blind with the powerhouse hand that is pocket aces, and he three-bet to 441,000. Barer responded with an all-in bet worth 1,572,964 in total, and Nolet made the easy call. Nolet flopped top set, and Barer was drawing dead on the turn.

The waters grew less shark-infested when Mike Watson crashed out in seventh place. Everyone folded to Dvoress on the button and he ripped it in with jack-eight of hearts. Watson looked down at pocket sevens and called off his 2,146,210 chips. An eight on the flop and jack on the turn sent Watson to the showers.

McDavid97 busted in third when he. shipped in his last 2.7 big blinds with ace-king and lost to the king-ten of DaiMing141319 after a ten appeared on the turn. McDavid97 only played 12% of his hands at the final table yet still managed to secure the $247,939 third place prize.

DaiMing141319 went into their heads-up battle with Dvoress trailing slightly with 9,306,594 chips to the Canadian’s 9,793,406 stack. DaiMing141319 edged in front and was hitting the board regularly, which made a victory look likely.

Dvoress won a huge pot when both players flopped a pair of queens. DaiMing141319 held queen-nine but Dvoress held king-queen. That hand put the ball firmly in Dvoress’ court and he wasted little time in getting his hands on the rest of his opponent’s chips.

The final hand occurred during the 200,000/400,000/50,000a level. Dvoress moved all-in with ace-six, and DaiMing141319 called off his 14 big blind stack with suited king-jack. Ace-high held for Dvoress and he won his first Super MILLION$ title.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Daniel Dvoress Canada $394,852
2 DaiMin141319 UAE $312,889
3 McDavid97 Canada $247,939
4 Guillaume Nolet Canada $196,472
5 Preben Stokkan United Kingdom $155,688
6 Fabrice Touil Morocco $123,370
7 Mike Watson Canada $97,761
8 Idris Ambraisse Morocco $77,468
9 Ami Barer Canada $61,387

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