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1) Introduction
2) Features of Eden Poker
3) Benefits of Eden Poker
4) How to start playin Eden Poker?
5) FAQ.

Eden poker

Eden poker


Eden poker is a relatively new poker app. The main pool of players consists of people from Asian countries. Here you can find the game on medium and high limits in NL Holdem, PL Omaha, Shortdeck Holdem, as well as other popular card games.

Features of Eden Poker

Eden poker is a poker app for playing poker on mobile devices. At the moment the client is available for owners of devices on the Android platform version 8 + or IOS users. The main pool of players are from Asian countries. This app doesn`t have PC version of the poker room.

Benefits of Eden

One of the main advantages of this poker room is a responsible approach to maintaining a healthy poker environment. Eden poker security team takes care of the security of their players’ accounts and regularly monitors the game for possible fraudulent play.

Each club in the Eden Poker application has its own chip rate, rules and conditions of play at the tables. You need to check with your manager before playing the game.

How to start playing Eden Poker?

Eden Poker application has a club system. Accepted in clubs only by invitation. Our site has the ability to add our players. If you want to start playing this poker room, you need to contact our manager on Skype or TELEGRAM.


💰 What is the minimum deposit in EdenPoker?

Minimum deposit is 300 USD

📈 What stakes of cash tables you can find at EdenPoker?

Poker Room is suitable for players of medium and high limits up to NL1.5K$. Some clubs have a game on higher limits. For more information, please contact your manager.

🧑‍💻 How to play couple tables at EdenPoker?

You can play up to 8 tables from 1 account


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