(02.06.2018) Elio Fox has won the first bracelet of the 2018 World Series of Poker.


Elio Fox became the first player to win the WSOP gold bracelet in 2018, despite the fact that this was the second tournament on the series. He won his second bracelet in the Event # 2: $ 10,000 Super Turbo Bounty, which attracted 243 players. Elio won his first gold bracelet in 2011, when he managed to win the Main Event of WSOP Europe and $ 1.9 million in prize money.

Elio Fox

Elio Fox

In this tournament, Elio Fox  took down the bracelet and over $300,000 in prize money. The organizers did not expect so many players in this tournament, which was first included in the schedule of the World Series of Poker. The tournament was with 20-minute levels and for knocking out every opponent gave a bounty of $ 3000.

“I really liked the structure,” said Fox after his victory. “And I think there was a good mixture of pros and recreational players. I think doing turbos is great because it’s good for non-professional players who can finish an event quickly.

1Elio FoxUnited States$393,693
2Adam AdlerUnited States$253,343
3Paul VolpeUnited States$169,195
4Danny WongUnited States$119,659
5Charles JohaninUnited States$86,096
6Alex FoxenUnited States$63,042
7David EldridgeUnited States$46,993
8Taylor BlackUnited States$35,671
9Joe CadaUnited States$27,582

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