(6.11.2018) Emanuele Onnis wins the €150,000 at Malta Poker Festival Grand Event.


Emanuele Onnis

Emanuele Onnis

The €550 Grand Event of the Malta Poker Festival has come to an end. In this tournament registered 1366 players. The victory in the tournament was won by the Italian player Emanuele Onnis. For the first place he received € 150,000. This is the largest prize in the career of the Onnis before that in offline tournaments his maximum prize was € 5,800.

In heads-up,  Emanuele Onnis played with Fabian Gumz from Germany. In the final hand, Onnis put all in from 1010, and Gumz called with AJ. The flop was 10JA, which gave Gumz 2 pairs, and Onis allowed him to make a set. The turn and river were blanks. For his efforts, Fabian Gumz received € 85,000.

Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Final

Place Player Country Prize in EUR Prize in USD
1 Emanuele Onnis Italy 150,000 170,798
2 Fabian Gumz Germany 85,000 96,785
3 Nicolaj D’Antoni Italy 50,000 56,933
4 Henning Andre Sweden 40,000 45,546
5 Giovanni Salvatore Italy 34,000 38,714
6 Espen Uhlen Jorstad Norway 28,000 31,882
7 Borge Dypvik Norway 20,600 23,456
8 Steven Iglesias Norway 14,710 16,750

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