Exclusive PPPoker Indian Clubs.


PPPoker is the largest poker room with a club system. Here you can find a game for every player, from cash tables to Spin tournaments. Most of the popular clubs have a huge number of players and you can find good action around the clock. However, there are also more exclusive clubs with weaker lineups. Indian clubs are one of these places.



Indian clubs of PPPoker.

We are currently providing access to three different unions of Indian clubs. The game is played there in Indian rupees. You can get into closed clubs after contacting our manager. Mostly PLO or PLO5 is played there. At each table, you can find 2-3 weak recreational players.

To start playing at Indian PPPoker Clubs, you need to use an Indian IP. The main reason for this rule is that Indian citizens do not want to play with foreigners. You can find a game in clubs at limits up to PL1k $.

If you want to know more about Indian PPPoker clubs, then you need to contact our manager via Skype or Telegram.


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