Fedor Holz offers to pay $1K for HU Challenge.

Fedor Holz

Fedor Holz

A few days ago, professional cash player Blake Stevenson, aka EmpireMaker2 offered Fedor Holz to challenge in heads-up at the PLO tables. The discussion started on Twitter after Holz showed interest in Blake’s success in Daily Fantasy Sports, a game where virtual teams of real players gathered by users compete with each other.

It all started when, on November 2, Fedor tweeted about how Blake was doing in DFS and then Stevenson instantly wrote to him, “Yo let’s play hu plo fedor.” Fedor Holz informed Stevenson about his lack of experience in PLO Omaha and noted that if he wants to play with him, he will have to think of something with Holdem. This was followed by an ambiguous reaction of Blake, which he formulated in the following tweet: “Yea go back to being a little tournament bitch the big boys are waiting.” Instead of aggression, Holz offered to pay Stevenson $1K for each hour of playing with him in HU NL4K. There was no unambiguous answer to this offer.

It is worth noting that Stevenson sometimes behaves impulsively. So, in March 2020 he offered Matt Glanz $250K to infect him with covid, but they failed to agree on the terms. So it is quite probable that the heads-up with Holz will not happen in the end.


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