ALL NEW FISH BUFFET up to 60% Cashback.


GG Network will update loyalty program and make it even more profitable for players. Starting September 9th with the launch of the new Fish Buffet all players will start with a new rank and 0 FP. Let’s have a closer look at what changes are waiting for players.

What’s new in Fish buffet?

To earn Fish Buffet points, you just need to play for real money at GG Network tables. Players now have the option of choosing between spin the whale with random prizes or a fixed cashback.

According to the rules of the loyalty program, players must collect the necessary amount of FP points to move to the next level. When players upgrade the VIP level they spin the wheel with random prizes in the tab “My bonuses”. Also now players can connect a special Black level under the conditions of which they can receive a fixed rcashback every week for one year.

On average, players will receive 100 Fish Buffet points for every dollar paid as rake. This value may vary depending on many factors (e.g. type of game or tournament played, player behavior at tables and deposit history).

Changes will affect all levels of the loyalty program. Players on each level will on average receive more cashback up to 60%.

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