(28.06.2017) Fish Poker is like Pokermaster, only better!


Over the past couple of months, Pokermaster and Pokerfishs have proved themselves with the best of luck. These poker rooms have passed the test of time. There really are so many weak players and you can win there. Therefore, we bring to your attention the new Fish Poker application.



Fish Poker is one of the best field of recreational players from asian countries. The main currency of the poker room is Chinese Yuan (7 CNY = 1 $). At the moment, the main battles take place at 25/50 CNY (NL700 $) limits. But there is an opportunity, to order tables with limits on above, up to NL6K $. The main advantages are the availability of heads-up tables and PL Omaha.

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For our part, we provide quite a handy software for playing from your PC (download here). And also, up-to-date statistics on the sessions you played, which enables you to track your results.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Pokerfishs is a poker application for iOS or Android that will give you the opportunity to play an expensive cash game every day.

Fish Poker is a new Asian poker room available for mobile devices play on IOS or Android. Nevertheless, our clients are able to install the PC client. The major advantage of this poker room is expensive cash at the higher stakes up to NL6K. Fish Poker was meant for highrollers and now you are able to enjoy your play against sweat opponents.


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