2.08.2016 Fortune Spin on Snail Poker (GG Network)




Fortune Spin is the most exciting form of Hold’em Sit & Go.

The Fortune Wheel will spin once three players have registered.

Each spin will give players the chance to win one of three prizes:

Fortune Wheel Percentages / Prize


fortunehowtoplay_04  fortunehowtoplay_05

  When the wheel stops on a Fortune Cookie, all players will receive a Fortune Cookie and the actual game will not take place.

  You will find a Cookie Card inside every Fortune Cookie. Collect all 10 cards to earn a cash bonus.

Cookie Cards

Within every Fortune Cookie lies a Cookie Card.

Each card is drawn randomly and represents 10 countries.

Collect all 10 cards and immediately receive the Cookie Bonus!



Cards for each buy-in are collected separately.

*Note: When you receive the Cookie Bonus, your card collection will reset.

Special Avatars

When you receive a card that is already in your possession, it will be added to your cookie collection.

You can accumulate cookie cards to receive a special country avatar.

The total number of cards accumulated will appear on the cookie card collection screen.

Collect five of the same cards to immediately receive a special country avatar.


Free Card

Once you have earned a Cookie Bonus, you will automatically receive a free card,

which will be the card that was accumulated the most before earning the Cookie Bonus.

You will start your new collection with this new card.


Blind Structure / Starting Chips


Registered on Snail poker you can follow this link https://asia-poker.com/online-poker/set-gg-network-rum-snail-poker/



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