(19.07.2017) Four biggest chinese poker rooms. What do you need to know and how to choose?


I believe no other affiliate but we has the same number of players in China (with sub-affiliates of сourse). I think it’s time to makes some conclusions about which rooms are really good and tell you where do people play and where should you join.

Let’s start from the rooms with the lowest stakes action and move towards offers for top pros with corresponding stakes.

Pokermonster. Of all the Chinese poker rooms this is the closest to the classic poker rooms known to Europeans, it resembles PokerStars or Party. The play is available 24/7, 3K+ people online almost all the day round, tens and hundreds of tables at stakes of 1-2 cents to 10-20 dollars are available High stakes aren’t that easy as tough Chinese pros play there and their results are quite nice. However, middle stakes players at NLL50-NL100 cash out thousands of dollars. Total profit in this poker room (all time) is a 6-digit amount with 1 not being the front number.

Then there is the room that gains popularity – Pokermaster. It is a poker room with unconventional functioning system, that only operates in phones or android emulators. It offers a great selection of high stakes play. Profit cashed out is of 6-digits. Specialties of the room are available in the description.

Then there is a relatively new room FightFish – main features: only Texas Holdem up to NL800 with a great selection of tables. People say bosses of this room are from Shanghai, which is a known industrial center, i.e. rich city with “working brains”. The poker room is young but profit of our players is 5-digit one.

We will finish our little review with PokerFishs – this is an extra room if the tables in other rooms aren’t good for you. All the tables have straddles. The field is super sweet as our players one big amount at the tables of 50-100-200. This room is recommended to all the straddle fans. Cash out profit is of 5-digits.


Largest Chinese poker-room, game up to 11-22$ and Texas, also Chinese poker OFC, Cashback 45%.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Pokerfishs is a poker application for iOS or Android that will give you the opportunity to play an expensive cash game every day.

FightFish is a new Asian poker room available for mobile devices play on IOS or Android. Nevertheless, our clients are able to install the PC client. The major advantage of this poker room is expensive cash at the higher stakes up to NL6K. Fish Poker was meant for highrollers and now you are able to enjoy your play against sweat opponents.


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