(22.01.2019) Full staking in asian poker rooms.


Asian online poker continues to attract players. Playing there is different from what is happening in European rooms and is associated with higher risks. But the benefits of the game pays for the risks. All because of the fact that there are actively playing Asian highrollers. The game is played around the clock at limits from NL60 up to NL6k and the minimum deposit is $ 500.

Despite financial prospects, sometimes it is difficult for regulars of low and medium limits to decide made deposit in the Asian room. For those players we have a very good news. Several VIP-players from Asia-Poker decided to open their staking fund. This deal offer full staking without makeup in PokerKing, Pokermaster and other rooms. And now we will tell you how to get it.

Why it is profitable for players?

* If you lose – you do not lose anything.

* If you win – get 40% of the winnings.

* You test the game for free in PokerKing, Pokermaster and other Chinese applications.

How to get a full staking?

You need to contact us and then founder (Andrew) of this staking fund will select 10 players. The first 5 players will receive a staking for the test period, the remaining 5 will be added to the “waiting list”.

Our contacts:

Email: [email protected]

Skype: andrean4ik2517


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