(30.10.2018) FulpotPoker rebranded and changed its name to AAPoker.


News about Asian poker rooms are trending during the year. Most of the Asian apps only operate on the mobile device and to play on PC one needs installing some special software. AAPoker is one of the few poker rooms that has the traditional client and tables with some nice action. One is able to find NL Hold’em, PL Omaha, OFC poker, tournaments, some other formats.

FulpotPoker rebranded and changed its name to AAPoker

FulpotPoker rebranded and changed its name to AAPoker

Not so long ago, poker room that was previously known as FulpotPoker changed its name to AAPoker. Many players used to know this poker room as the best place to play Chinese poker.

ААPoker is the Korean online poker room with the bigger number of recreational players. We are able to find some good action not just in NL Hold’em and PL Omaha, OFC poker, other games.

The biggest traffic is in evenings Korean time (13:00 to 21:00 CET). Currently one is able to find the play up to NL$1K in Hold’em and PL$1K Omaha and up to $20 per point in OFC.

How to download, install and register?

1) Follow this link Aapoker.com
2) Download and install game client.
3) After installation, start the client and click Create account. In registration form, be sure to include the code asiap888 in the field Refferal ID.
4) If you want to make deposit and start playing, then you need contact to our manager in Skype.

AAPoker is korean online poker room.

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