GG Network. Does it worth a shot?


Several years ago, GG Network was almost unheard of in Europe. It wasn’t very reliable in terms of payments and there were many factors showing there were bots, if not super users.

More on this network in my old post on GT :

“Several facts about GG unknown to wide public.

  1. About 18 months ago GG had a major room called Tialong. It is on the screen on the precious pages.

2. This room locked about 500 thousand dollars on the accounts ….  Read more

After getting information the network changed its policy and started to operate its business openly. What to say about the news on GG? I’d like to say that having more that 100 players in this network, we have stats to trust it. We promote 3 skins – flagman international Natural8 , flagman and the oldest Asian  Tianlong and  SnailPoker, which has a solid market share.

Amounts: total deposits: about 100К.

Number of winning players %: 10-15% of participants.

Total balance: a little over zero.

Rake: terribly high, even considering nice rakeback.

I should notice that the balance is even thanks to two highrollers, bunch of players lost here. Its for you to decide, a bunch of players lost. You think for yourself, and I’ll go plat at Pokermonster and Shenpoker , with the same rake and a different situation with players’ profit.


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