(21.02.2017) GG Network giving away 100000$ to the best tournamnet players!


SnailPoker (GG Network) announced the new promotion – Tournamnet Leaderboard, which will be held in March, and perhaps later will be held on a regular basis. Under the terms of shares, the best 500 tournament players will giving away the huge prize pool of $ 100,000!

How to take part in Tournament Leaderboard?

Starting March 1st, 00:00 (UTC+0). $100,000 given out every month to our top 500 tournament players! Accumulate Leaderboard points to collect your share of the prize.

All players who play any Tournament or Fortune Spin games will automatically participate in the Tournament Leaderboard. Leaderboard points are given out when players play Tournaments or Fortune Spin games. Players will receive points for the Tournament Leaderboard based on the number of entrants, the tournament buy-in, and place of finish. Extra points are given to players who finish in the bubble.  Satellite Tournaments, Private Tournaments, Freerolls do not give out Leaderboard points. For players who are knocked out before reaching payouts, 1 Leaderboard Point is given for every $1 used to buy into an event.  Players who finish in the bubble receive double the amount of points.

The following formula is used to calculate the Leaderboard points given to players who are in the money:
– [Buy-in amount * (total entrants / players place of finish)]
– Ex) $100 buy-in tournament, 200 entrants, player finishes 5th -> 100 * (200/5) = 4,000 points

What are the prizes?

Play at the SnailPoker


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