GGPoker – biggest-ever online NLHE pot in poker history.


On August 13, 2020 the largest pot in the history of online poker in NL Holdem discipline was. This is happened at the $500 – $1000 ($200) blinds between Michael Addamo and Victor “limitless” Malinovsky. Let’s take a closer look at this hand.

biggest pot nlhe

biggest pot nlhe

Record pot in NLHE

Victor Malinowsky bet min raise and saw 3 bet $14.000. Malinowsky four bet $43.500 and immediately saw Addamo make it $108,000. Thus, a rather large pot of 200 big blinds has already formed on the preflop.

The flop was seven, five, deuce and with three suits, didn’t exactly play into any flush draws. Addamo bet  $71,775 was merely called by Malinowski. The turn of a nine of clubs meant there were two clubs out there, and Addamo again leading the action with a bet of $100,146. Once more, Malinowski made the call. The river of a five of spades paired the board, but did nothing to deter Addamo, who moved all-in for his remaining $140,547, and was called off by Wiktor Malinowski.

Addamo revealed his hand of pocket kings, but Malinowski had pocket aces and he won the hand, a massive pot of $842,438.62 being automatically slid across the virtual felt to his seat.


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