Happy New Poker Year!


Traditionally we will make a statistics review of the past year in our online rooms and try to foresee what will happen next year.

Results of the outgoing year by category:

Absolute winners in the amount of play and won money.
1. Pokermaster
2. Pokerfishs
3. Pokerlords

Beginners of the year.
1. Pokerlords
2. PPPoker (club INDIA).
3. Pokercircle (6+ games).

The failure of the year.
1. GGnetwork (SnailPoker, Natural8).
2. Pokerdom.
3. IDN (ShenPoker, SiamPoker).

What are we waiting for in the new poker year?

First about trends. Unfortunately, taking into account the growth in the number of bots in all rooms and the departure of real-life whales to offline, there is no need to expect stunning traffic growth. Part of the game goes into completely inaccessible applications, where you are asked to identify yourself with voice and text in native language. There, however difficult it is to guess, only invited businessmen and professionals are allowed. Most of the game moved to 6+, there are already at least 2 rooms (one of them Pokercircle), where the games are held at relatively low rates.

Now quantitatively. Pokermaster still shows stunning results, according to my estimates it will last at least 6+ more months, so players will undoubtedly have work for some time.

Applications of the second echelon, such as Pokerfishs and Pokerlords – the forecasts are also quite positive, because there are sensible and honest enough in the mass of their club owners, growth is not promised but there should not be a fall either.

We are waiting for the boom in India, where PPPoker continues to occupy its positions, traffic growth takes place weekly.

Pokermaster is an exclusive poker room, with a lot of expensive cash games.

Pokerlords is a mobile app with access to closed clubs with good action at the tables.

Poker Circle is the new Chinese poker room, which is available for playing with mobile phones and tablets based on iOS and Android.


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