(29.07.2019) Hollis Holcomb Wins WSOP Circuit Choctaw


Холлис Холкомб

Hollis Holcomb is the first World Series of Poker Circuit champion in the 2019/20 season after surpassing the 976-seat Choctaw Durant. The first place prize was $255,535. This victory was the first in Holcomb’s poker career after she took third place in the tournament at Tulsa’s Circuit last year.

Holcomb an Oklahoma native, used only one entrance, which was paid for by his poker league in Bartleville. Oklahoma’s Northern Poker League has 15-20 people, and after my victory they became richer. “We’ve been playing at home for 15 years. The player who wins the most sessions, the league pays the buy-in for the tournament. In case a player takes the prize place, he is obliged to share half of the winnings with the league. I am very happy to share my winnings with my league.”

“I’d really like to say, I had a really good friend who taught me not only a lot about poker but also life. He passed away two years ago and he would have loved this. It was really unfortunate, he was only in his thirties, he was a great poker player and just a great person. I wouldn’t be here without Chris Ghylin, he was a great influence on me and this is for him.”

Official Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Hollis Holcomb Bartlesville, Oklahoma $255,535
2 Vincent Moscati Verplanck, New York $157,929
3 Jesse Solano San Antonio, Texas $118,349
4 Tony Nguyen Fort Worth, Texas $89,536
5 Braxton Dunaway Midland, Texas $68,390
6 Matt Russell Spring, Texas $52,747
7 Steven Williams Little Rock, Arkansas $41,082
8 Shomari Williams Fort Worth, Texas $32,314
9 Scott Hall Fayetteville, Arkansas $25,672

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