As the gambling web sites control grows, the poker players face the problem of avoiding the block of poker web sites. After reading this post, you will get useful information of how to easily enter “prohibited” web sites spending np more than 5 minutes of your time. Currently there are many ways to enter the blocked resources. Let’s review  the most popular of them.

ZenMate (Chrome, Opera, Firefox)

Official web site:

One of the best apps for your browsers, which is installed really fast. All you need is to sign up and register your e-mail at website. After that you’ll be able to install plug-in to the browser Chrome, Opera or Mozzila Firefox. After spending several minutes to install Zenmate plug-in, you will be able to change your geo location online in one click. The disadvantages of the software are in that free version of it only has 4 countries to change your VPN address and pages load longer than usually with this plug-in.

FriGate (Chrome, Opera, Firefox)

Official web site:

Browser plug-in FriGate is one of the most popular as it not only allows avoiding web sites block and the loading speen is the same. The registration is simple and comfortable. Plug-in is free and can be installed for Chrome in Google shop or from the official web site for any other browser.

Opera with free VPN

Official web site:

Another way to avoid block of the web site which doen’t require plug-in installation. VPN is built in the browser and with the help of just couple of clicks you will be able to change your geolocation. The minuses are in a small number of countries available.


Another simple and comfortable way to get an access to prohibited web sites is DNS  server address manual change. Google cares of their clients and supplies them with public addresses of DNS servers for you to be online anonymously and safely. Don’t forget to clear cookies before setting proxy!





—Select “General settings” in settings section;
— Press “Additional” and seleсt “Network”
— Press “Proxy-servers” in the menu:


—Open menu and browser tools panel;
— Choose “Settings” and click “Show additional settings”
— Scroll “Network” section and press the button “Change Proxy server settings”;
— There will be a dialog window. You should open the tab “Connections”;
— in the section “Local Network Parameters Settings” click “Network Settings”;

— In the opened window set off auto settings and select “Use proxy server for local connections” and “Don’t use proxy server for local addresses”. Enter the address and proxy port.

Unfortunately, not all the poker room allow VPN use so we highly recommend to ask the support service of the room about whether VPN use lead to the account block in the poker room before making a deposit.


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