How to gamble smart between poker sessions.


Every day its hard  to play online poker on the Internet, and the more poker professionals turn their attention to offline. Since there, by definition, there is no forbidden and not always honest software, the probability of a teamplay is much less, as well as a pleasant atmosphere at the table. Even considering the huge rake, the game obviously beats. I can list a few players who are making and are making in the style of “we play for living”. Difficult to find words better than Turturro from the legendary movie “Rounders”.

TV episode from the “Rounders”

Almost always, professionals from the CIS countries were divided into offline and online players. Offline players were from underground clubs. Usually it was students which after reading the rules of game and learning some starter hands, considered themselves stronger than the field (and for some time they really were). I remember how some players, especially those of the southern republics and old underground clubs sincerely couldn’t understand “Why are you folded pre-flop cards ??? You do not know what will come on the flop ??? You’re a fool???”. Online players is the future top regs. Even then, they were just that simple, but I remember when I hardly remembered what VPIP / PFR is, they already displayed 10+ stats on the screen and that the most important thing was not just knowing what they meant, but also knew how to use this information in practice. Some of them have become very strong and well-known offline pro.
Actually, this text is about something else. This post is about the fact that if you wait until the game is going to start or if table broke up too soon or if you just want to get some adrenaline. I have watched many times how perfectly sane poker-pros go to play, for example roulette, where your expectation is a terrible 2.77% minus EV!

How to gamble smart between poker sessions?

So attention. The leader in terms of profitability time / loss for the player – this is definitely Craps! If your bet is smart, you will never lose more than 1% (99% + RTP) of your bet in the casino. Many people know that in craps there are two of the least disadvantageous strategy. The first old-fashioned way of playing through “don’t pass”, when you play on the fact that the main line of the game is interrupted at 7. Payments are small, but the game is hellishly boring. By the way, free advice to all who have no place to live in Vegas, according to this system of the game, you will get the cheapest rooms and much more profitable than buying them for money. And the second way that whales play. Strategy game through Come.



In the center of the game table is a COME field. So, you put on him and when Come comes into the house, then you put the maximum ods. This is a fun way to play, since the payouts will be almost every roll, but if the seven rolls out, the dealer takes all the chips at once. Thus, your task is not to throw 7 as long as possible. For example, a series of 20 shots without a 7 is very cool and profitable. Series of 30+ shots are rare. Series of 35+ super rare and super profitable. Well, there is even a happy end: exit through Come, this is when you first won the number on the pass line, and went to the starting position, in this case, temporarily, the Ods don’t play. Well, 7 drops out in this case, the Ods return to you. And this is 80% of all bets. Such a roll is most painful for a casino. In general, without playing the written figs you will understand, but just believe, if you really want to play between poker sessions, then Craps is s number 1 game!


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