Умберто Лопес Галиндо выиграл турнир EPT Paris €3,000 Mystery Bounty.


The winner of the €3,000 EPT Mystery Bounty has been decided at EPT Paris. They became the Portuguese player Humberto Lopez Galindo. For winning the tournament, he received the honorary EPT Tournament Winner’s Trophy, as well as €258,656 in prize money.

Humberto Lopes Galindo

Humberto Lopes Galindo

EPT Paris €3,000 Mystery Bounty.

There were 787 entries in the tournament, which made it possible to form a prize pool of €2,115,456, which in turn was divided into two prize pools. The regular prize pool amounted to €1,328,456, while the rest of the prize money was distributed in special mystery bounty envelopes. The biggest mystery bounty in this tournament was €75,000.

In the heads-up, Humberto Lopez faced the French player Fouad Baali. In the last hand, Baali moved all-in with 22 and Lopez called with K10. On the flop, Galindo hit a pair and thus managed to win the tournament.

Final Table Results

1 Humberto Lopes Galindo Portugal €243,656 €15,000 €258,656
2 Fouad Baali France €151,650 €5,000 €156,650
3 Gerard Rubiralta Spain €108,300 €16,000 €124,300
4 Or Suliman Israel €83,300 €6,000 €89,300
5 Joachim Haraldstad Norway €64,100 €80,000 €144,100
6 Jonathan Proudfoot United Kingdom €49,300 €17,000 €66,300
7 Natan Chauskin Belarus €37,950 €1,500 €39,450
8 Jan Bednar Czechia €29,450 €11,000 €40,450
9 Fabian Niederreiter Germany €22,450 €4,500 €26,950



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