(04.09.2018) Welcome to Indian clubs at PPPoker.


Poker platform PPPoker occupies one of the leading positions in the market of Asian applications. Every day this area attracts more and more new recreational players from all over the world. At the moment, we provide access to two large alliances and several other good clubs, where you can find quite a good action in NL Hold’em, PL Omaha and Chinese poker OFC. A few days ago we added another 2 new Indian club. Let’s consider in more detail what kind of game they offer.

1. India poker pros.

India poker pros 611493 1 Chip = 50 INR
India poker pros

India poker pros

Club India poker pros offers a game at medium and high stakes in PL Omaha and Chinese poker OFC. The game are played here on Indian rupees (1 chip = 50 rupees). The main traffic is made up of players from India, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore. At peak hours, you can find up to 20 active tables up to PL1,5K$.

2. IPF.

IPF  289049 1 Chip =  50 INR

The Indian club IPF is not as large as the previous one. However, here you can find a good game in a fairly soft composition. The game here played are on Indian rupees (1 chip = 50 rupees).

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