(7.12.2016) IPT – new poker tour in China


One of the biggest China Corporation – Alibaba, announced a new poker tour IPT (International poker tour). Organizers promise a total prize fund of $ 7 mln. The dates of the tournaments have not been disclosed, but we know what city  will be first of the series is Shanghai. Nevertheless, we know that  prize pool will be 870 thousand dollars, and for the first place winner will receive not less than 200 thousand dollars.


Previously, Alibaba Corporation already had a similar experience of poker tournaments in Macau, and is quite good. According to this now, in the coming years we can expect a surge popularization of poker in China. Surprisingly, to bring to the poker tournaments a broader spectrum of the public, the Chinese side also intends to attract players  from chess and players from bridge. As the organizers say, International Poker Tour main aim is to promote fair and transparent games.

The only problem that hinders the development of poker in China is to legalize poker. At this point, even legitimate tournaments regularly face difficulties. As an example, last week due to problems with the license was suspended, and then completely stopped Asian Poker League, where the competition took place in Shanghai.

How can you play with chinese?

Today, China – one of the centers of the poker industry. Little-known poker rooms, for our players can gather online up to 10 thousand people. Advantageously, players in these poker rooms are fairly weak. One of the best deals on the internet at this moment, is a poker room ShenPoker, where you can almost around the clock to find a game until nl2k!


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